Sea Turtles

EMEG is responsible for the daily monitoring of nesting hawksbill turtles on beaches of the reserve, the protection of turtle nesting habitats, seasonal surveying and inventory collection of resident hawksbill turtlesand their eggs, the rescue of stranded and injured turtles in areas local to the reserve, the daily management of marine debris along the reserve coast and GPS tagging and tracking of resident turtles. 

Turtle rescued by volunteers
Turtle released into the ocean by a volunteer
Falcon eating its pray


EMEG monitors over 130 migratory bird species at the Jebel Ali Marine Reserve to determine impacts to local populations due to habitat disturbance. Monitoring includes: daily observation and monitoring of bird species inhabiting mangrove ecosystem and coastal beaches boarding Jebel Ali Marine Reserve, the observation of annual migration of over 130+ species, seasonal population dynamic monitoring and reporting, the rescue of injured birds and protection of nests at risk of predation from local wildlife and a seasonal survey and assessment of resident bird populations at the reserve is produced.


Ghost crabs dominate the shorelines of the Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary shorelines from 

Crab walking on a sand beach