Mangrove Monitoring and Support

Mangroves are small trees that grow in saltwater and are an important part of the UAE’s ecosystem. They protect the coastlines from erosion, similarly to coral reefs, provide a breeding ground for various fish species, and aid in removing carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere.

At EMEG, daily observation and monitoring of bird, fish, crab, lizard and mollusk species inhabiting the mangrove ecosystem at the reserve is conducted, measurement of the functional capacity of mangrove ecosystem to mitigate the effects of climate change and habitat destruction as a result of localized construction is recorded, monitoring of ecosystem health and mitigation of effects of resource extraction is performed, quarterly ecosystem assessment reports are produced and mangrove planting with support from local community businesses and members is conducted.


The One Billion Tree-planting Initiative (OBTI)

Together with The Storey Group and EcoMatcher, Emirates Marine Environmental Group will be taking part in the One Billion Tree-planting Initivative. The Initiative will be a UAE collective initiative to plant 1 billion trees around the world in a transparent way by 2025 based on the most sustainable methods possible. Every tree planted is digitally captured and can be tracked using proven technology developed by EcoMatcher Limited; the first in the world to use blockchain.Each tree recipient will receive an automatic email and be able to virtually visit their tree/s, “talk to the tree” and the farmer who planted it.  Large scale Mangroves planting can help us reach our goal of planting 1 Billion trees by 2025. 

To get involved, please fill in your details on the right and someone from the EMEG team will get back to you. 

One Billion Tree-planting Initiative

OBTI involvement


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