Emirates Marine Environmental Group

Welcome to Emirates Marine Environmental Group- the UAE's first environmental group that focuses on protecting marine life in the Emirates. 


“The Emirates Marine Environmental Group mission is to preserve biodiversity in the United Arab Emirates.

Our organisation plays a key role in conservation and education of future generations in the United Arab Emirates. ”

Major Ali Al Suweidi

Founder and CEO of EMEG

Major Ali Saqr Sultan Al Suweidi founded Emirates Marine Environmental Group in 1996 and is currently the CEO of the non-profit organization as well as the Secretary of the Board of Directors at Emirates Nature-WWF. Born in 1957, Major Ali Al Suweidi has been passionate about the ocean and all that it encompasses since the age of 5. Today, he is in charge of protecting a 2,000-hectare area comprising of coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds and the last natural beach in Dubai.

Major Ali Sultan Al Suweidi, CEO of EMEG

The Team

Dr. Tiffany Claire Delport

Dr. Tiffany Claire Delport

Jude Dallal

Jude Dallal


Juan Diego Urriago Suarez

Masoud Mahmood

Masoud Mahmood



Email: emeg.serdal@gmail.com
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/CeDyHL1EMSmkABMs8